VMP - Your Student Organization

Welcome to the VMP home page! For more than 80 years, the association of mathematics, physics and CSE students at ETH has been concerned with all kinds of needs of the students of D-MATH and D-PHYS.

We make studying easier and more enjoyable for our members by providing old exams, organizing exam preparation courses, and organizing many great events such as poker and chess tournaments, fondue nights, parties and barbecues. Additionally, the VMP offers you one free coffee per day at our lounge (CAB E31).

The VMP is a students' association of the VSETH.


Exam Collection

The exam collection can be found here.

Coffee and Beer

The VMP offers two free coffees a day and five beers a week for its members in the common area of VMP, AMIV and VIS (CAB E31). You can get your very own VMP mug in the VMP office (CAB E33) for 5 CHF.

VMP board

The VMP board consists of 12 members, each of which is associated with a ressort. We are always on the lookout for potential candidates! If you are interested in joining, please contact us via intern[ät]vmp.ethz.ch

Board FS24

From left to right: Marcel Suvajac (External Relations), Jérôme Hofstetter (IT), Samuel Gebhardt (Treasury), Nikolaj Sokolov (Culture), Fabio Guger (President), Vitus Getzinger (Communication), Elias Krainer (University Politics Maths), Matej Rebro (University Politics Physics), Tobias Robert Eeksmann (Infrastructure), Annabelle Hafner (Student Affairs), Arnav Patil (Vice President and Student Affairs)

Absent: Julia Dürr (Culture)

VMP Membership

VMP is a Fachverein of VSETH. If you are a member of VSETH and are studying at D-MATH or D-PHYS, you are automatically a member of VMP. You can request VSETH membership by selecting the respective option in MyStudies.


VSETH membership costs CHF 10. This amount will be added directly to the ETH semester bill. From then on you will profit from our services and those of VSETH. By the way: This investment pays off easily, e.g. if you visit the ESF, which is cheaper for VSETH-members than for non-members.



If you want to visit us, just come by our office (see the map below). There will always be someone present during the office hours. Most often we are also present outside of those. Alternatively, you can reach us by telephone, email or even normal mail. Moreover the common room with sofas, a pool table, and the coffee machine (where you get one free coffee a day!) is worth a visit anyways.

Universitaetstr. 6
8092 Zurich

Telephone: +41 44 632 4998
Email: intern[ät]vmp.ethz.ch (which goes to all board members)
(for confidential inquiries please write to praesidium[ät]vmp.ethz.ch)

Office Hours

We have the following office hours during the semester:

CAB Office (CAB E33): Monday - Friday, 12:45 - 13:10
HXE Office (HXE C22): upon request, just contact us


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Join the KuMa

We are always looking for helpers/Organizers for all kinds of events. Become a helper and secure your reward!

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Phi:male Commission

Welcome to Phi:male, the commission for equal opportunities in and around VMP!

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Do you want to be inspired by some cool and modern CSE, maths and physics topics presented by your fellow students? Come to our weekly undergraduate talks, with an Apéro afterwards! Every Tuesdayfrom 12:15 to 13:00 in room HG G5.